Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Coming: Jan 1 2012

Starting this January, I'll be documenting this journey with a program called P90X2. The workouts are not the scary part; it is the nutrition guide. I am a chronic binge eater, and as a result, a chronic workoutaholic. Hoping that this guide will help break this rather distructive cycle, and who knows.. maybe help someone else out. So stay tuned as I re-vamp this page to reflect this new journey.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Illustrations make the world function

The other day, I thought to myself, "self, why do you start a blog only to let it die and fall into the internet abyss." Then it hit me! In a world of ADD, ADHD, ADNMEAS, XCYR, WAFJVOBJFLSDJOFRJGFMMD... we need....


Words are boring. It's the photographs and illustrations that make even the most mundane things more interesting. Heck, just a bunch of words written in an image space and the interest level would rise. It's that illusion that there's an image there that entices us.

See how this otherwise boring piece of paper is now WAY more interesting with a giant cockatiel on it.

In short:

Imagine what would happen if ordinary items like tampons, condoms and airplane safety pamphlets were just words with no funny illustrations.....

The Talon is Sick

The illustrious Talon is sick again. I honestly must love pain or blowing tons of money. I've threatened this car on many occasions... with a rag in the gas cap, the scrap yard, drowning on the river, sledgehammers, ect... nothing seems to work! BUT for some reason I keep him around. I guess it is kinda like having a smoking hot boyfriend who is a total dbag and braindead. He's so good looking and rocks your world, that one forgets he's utterly useless for anything else.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

link to more..

ok, this thing is kinda weird... so I'll just link the Flikr page where the rest of the images are. :)

I remembered my login!

So, I kinda forgot I signed up for this. Then I remembered I did.... but could not remember my login information. Heh. Needless to say, I rememeber it, as I am posting this.

Quite a bit has happened since my last post. I graduated from CCS. I'll post my film soon. I've recently partnered up with my good freind Sway on some projects, and Mike the Photo Guy also took me under his wing. I now do photos for Milan Dragway in Milan, MI.

Here's some pics from the last week. I was using my D40 , and a D2H for these shots.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Number One

I don't know about this blogging thing. I was told it would be good for me to write stuff down even though no one will read it. I mean I'm probably 1 of 23,000,000,000,000,000 people on here now. :)

I guess I will start out with a little bit about what it is I do... or trying to to do. I am currently attenting CCS in Detroit. I'm hoping I'll find some of my CCS friends on here soon once I figure out how this works. I'll post some draaarrrings, too. WoOt!

Oh yea, I love cars...... probably way to much.

So to start, here's a car drawing of my project car:

She's a Blue Shadow. And she makes me happy.